Bellis Fair Mall Paper Dress Exhibit

Bellis Fair Mall Paper Dress Exhibit

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Right now there’s a beautiful paper dress exhibit at Bellis Fair Mall in Bellingham.  If you haven’t been to Bellis Fair Mall yet, it’s at the corner of Bakerview Rd and Meridian Rd.  The paper dress exhibit is in the corner next to Sports Authority.

Our personal favorites:

  1. Macy’s
  2. Hallmark
  3. Charlotte Russe
  4. Gap

The unofficial rules seem to have been to use any paper products in the store.  Macy’s used coupons.  Hallmark and Charlotte Russe used tissue and bags. Gap used bags both plastic and paper.

If you have allergies, please note that Bellis Fair Mall is one of those malls that pipes perfume into the air.  There are also stores like Hollister that fill the air with scent as well.  It’s been known to make patrons sick.

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