Lynden High School Plant Sale

Lynden High School Plant Sale

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If you live in Northern Bellingham, you end up seeing way more advertisements and flyers on the roadside for Ferndale and Lynden rather than anything going on in Bellingham.  Why is that?

This weekend the Lynden High School posted flyers everywhere for their Plant Sale.  You would think with all that advertisement it would be a big deal.  Not.  The school had three greenhouses full of the same assortment of annual flowers.  Annuals die in one season.  These annuals were wilted and in large baskets so the price was pretty darned high (>$30).

The sale was manned by students with no knowledge of the plants they were selling or gardening in general.  I asked if they had any succulents or perennials.  They had no idea what I was talking about.  One of the students went to get a teacher, presumably the teacher who teaches the gardening classes.  After twenty minutes she never appeared.  No selection.  No knowledge.  No customer service.  Outrageously priced annuals that are already wilted.

Yep, pass on this sale.  It’s going on through most of May because they can’t get rid of the plants.  Well, have a little variety and make them considerably cheaper.


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