Barkley Plaza, Bellingham

Barkley Plaza, Bellingham

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If you’ve never been to Barkley Plaza in Bellingham, it’s a nice treat.  The parking lot is usually crowded, but the stores are worth it.  There’s a Starbucks and Woods Coffee (inside of Haggen), a Haggen food store, and the Patio, a sandwich shop inside of Haggen with an adorable watering can fountain outside making it easy to spot from the street (corner of Woburn St. and Barkley Blvd.).

This is a great place to stop off and wait for your show to start (the Regal Cinema complex is across the street) or to check out the interesting foods at Starbucks.

The Patio

The only thing that could’ve made this sandwich shop better would’ve been live goldfish inside that horse trough at the bottom of this fountain.  🙂


In a few districts across the U.S., there are Starbucks that are chosen for testing the sales of new products.  I think this must be one of those stores because I’ve never seen chocolate-covered bacon, chocolate-covered potato chips, or Bantam Bagels in any other store.  Look at all the goodies below.

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