How to Spot Fake Brighton Jewelry on eBay

How to Spot Fake Brighton Jewelry on eBay

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If you live in Bellingham, then you know there’s no Brighton store nearby.  We’re SOL here in the boondocks.  So naturally I looked for Brighton on eBay.  Holy crap.  I’ve never seen so many fakes in one place.  Seriously.

If you go to eBay and search “Brighton” you get between 25,000 and 30,000 results all with “brighton” in the title.  That doesn’t even include the listings with “brighton” in the description.  Just the ones with “brighton” in the title which means it’s supposed to be 100% authentic Brighton.  I spent hours going through these listings this past weekend and early this week.  Know what I found?  Only 2,500 were authentic Brighton.  The other 90-95% were all fakes.  :0  Holy crap.

So after lots of wasted hours and help from my cousin the computer guru, I finally made a list of what sellers to exclude in my searches and what keywords to exclude.  If you’re searching for something on eBay, you can save your searches and then go back and edit them.  There is a place to exclude keywords.  You can also do this in the search box.

Here’s what I started with:

brighton -tin -tins -bead -pouch -bag -box -spacer -bay

Then hit the Search button.

You’re probably wondering why I excluded these keywords.  Because the frauds who are selling fakes are buying the cards that Brighton comes on, the bags they come in, the boxes they come in, and the tags that come attached to them and are selling those to other fake sellers on eBay.  This makes them look legit.  You have to know Brighton to be able to spot the fakes which is probably why only 2.5% of the listings on eBay for Brighton are actually authentic Brighton.  🙁

Edit your search and go down to where you can include or exclude sellers.  Add these sellers to your exclusion list.  They all sell fake Brighton.  Some of them tear apart vintage Brighton pieces and include one tiny piece of Brighton and then try selling it as 100% authentic Brighton.  It’s not.  They’re not allowed to use the word “Brighton” at all, but eBay receives so many complaints and reports each day they can’t keep up, so these losers keep selling their fakes on eBay uninterrupted.  Make sure you separate this list with a comma between each user name.

  1. 1ssr1
  2. acon2123
  3. brandnamelots
  4. cikedmike
  5. dazzelthem
  6. dsunnieday
  7. el-woods
  8. ellsworthpratt
  9. geezlouise2007
  10. graphicsandmorestore
  11. green_tea_garments
  12. h.kohanzad
  13. hemihappy2009
  14. hosseinfadakar
  15. knitted4u
  16. lifestreasuresforu
  17. lighthouselady96
  18. linweiss
  19. mercantile1998
  20. muleshoesforchumpchange
  21. penguin1159
  22. readingrecoveryteacher
  23. silverdazzle
  24. slappyhappygiraffe
  25. tara41192
  26. tegreen32
  27. tiatreasure
  28. tigerlily2000
  29. whoa2go5

Make sure you hit search and then “follow this search” so your search is saved.  Edit it when you spot new fakers, adding them to your exclusion list by name.

It’s really disturbing to see this large of a group of scammers on eBay in one category.  I’m especially disheartened to see so many of these sellers take vintage Brighton and tear it apart so they can include one tiny charm onto their fake jewelry to make it look like Brighton.  That means all those great vintage pieces are disappearing faster than you can say the word “fraud”.  Which brings me to my next comment.  This is fraud, a felony punishable by five years in prison.  Wouldn’t you just love to see these guys get caught?  It would sure make my shopping easier.  😉

If you spot someone selling fake Brighton on eBay, please add their names to the comments.  If you want to know how to spot a fake Brighton jewelry seller look at the listings these sellers have listed as “brighton”.  Those are not authentic Brighton.

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  1. Thank you for this post. Do you know what to look for on a bead or spacer to know if it is a fake?

  2. There should be a Brighton B emblem on it. I don’t use the spacers or the beads but I’ve looked at them in the store. If you ask a seller to post a photo of the B emblem then it’s probably not a fake. Not all styles are released across the entire country. Northern California gets about everything but other areas get little subsets of the whole collection so sometimes you’ll see something listed as Brighton that you’re sure isn’t and then it turns out it is. What the post is meant to convey is that a very large percentage of Brighton sold on eBay is not authentic Brighton. It’s Brighton pieces than have been put on cheap jewelry findings and sold as designer when they’re not. There was a pretty daisy bracelet sold years ago and every time one goes up for sale it’s purchased by a seller who takes it apart and puts each individual daisy onto a cheap chain and calls it Brighton. Eventually there will be no authentic Brighton daisy bracelets left because they will all have been disassembled and that’s a real shame.

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