Lynden High School Spring Craft Sale

Lynden High School Spring Craft Sale

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Every season, Lynden High School has a craft fair.  This weekend is the Spring Craft Fair, slightly smaller in the number of booths than the Christmas Craft Fair.  Here were some of the cool things I found there.


These were the coolest birdhouses there, bar none.  My favorite was the sports themed one.  Very cool.

Miniature Fairy Gardens

I love miniature gardens, especially fairy gardens with specific themes.  I’ve seen versions of these on the web, particularly the painted rock cacti.  What surprised me was the price tag on the large ones here.  $200!  Holy cow!

Baby Stuff

The fairy was full of yuppy moms who must think everyone has lots of babies.  There was tons of baby stuff and these adorable baby pants made from Daddy’s shirt sleeves.  How cute.

Unusual Crafts

I go to a lot of craft fairs and I thought I’d seen just about everything.  Not quite.

There you have it, some of the cute stuff at the Lynden High School Spring Craft Fair.



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