Winter Storm Jonas

Winter Storm Jonas

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The temperature today in Bellingham, Washington was 44 degrees.  That’s one of the nice things about living in Bellingham.  We can watch the news of blizzards and winter storms and sit warm in our homes watching TV.

Winter Storm Jonas is blazing across the eastern half of the United States with a vengeance leaving inches to feet of snow and taking out power lines and water mains.  Most of us don’t think of blizzards as ruining our water supply, but the winds that hit the coast push tidewater into the water tables and flood the system.  Bingo, contaminated water.

According to the Weather Channel, West Virginia was hit hardest with snow at 48 inches.  Wow.  New York City was hit with 30 inches of snow.  Meanwhile in Massachusetts wind gusts reached 73 mph.  In Kentucky the roof of a store caved in from the weight of snow.  And in Tennessee, eight people have died as a result of the storm.

Here are just a few photos from the storm.

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