46 Years Later

46 Years Later

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My preferred search engine is Bing.  I get nice beautiful images every time I open a browser and an interesting, or not-so-interesting, news story.  Today, the news story was about Leslie Van Houten, one of Charlie Manson’s murderous followers.  Van Houten is the one who stabbed Rosemary LaBianca to death in 1969, stabbing her 16 times.  Her 19th parole hearing was recently held and she was granted parole.  Today, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed her parole and called her a menace to society.  In response, Van Houten, published the 210 page transcript of the parole hearing, which details much of the crime, online at her website, leslievanhouten.com.

The “wow” of this moment is that the transcript reads like a horror novel.  Van Houten was a privileged white chick.  She was never abused and had everything, but she “acted out” after her parents divorced when she was 14.  She attributes this divorce to her getting pregnant at 17, having an illegal abortion, doing 300 trips of LSD, and violently murdering a complete stranger in her home.  Wow.  Millions of people go through sheer hell in their childhood and still manage to NOT murder an innocent woman in her bedroom.  After 46 years in prison, and two college degrees, Van Houten should be able to articulate how remorseful she is, but she doesn’t.  I’m relieved Van Houten is not out on the streets with the rest of us.

Kudos to Governor Brown.  I can’t imagine what this parole board was thinking.

Van Houten’s definition of Charlie Manson’s Helter Skelter vision

According to the transcript posted on her website, Van Houten says Charlie Manson’s vision of Helter Skelter was a future revolution in which blacks, who were trodden upon by whites, would revolt and kill whites, which would eventually lead to a reversal of roles, whites being suppressed and blacks rising to power.  When this didn’t happen on its own, Manson decided to prod it along, killing wealthy whites (the Sharon Tate murders) followed by the murders of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, an Italian couple picked at random.  Van Houten was 19 years old and, although she claims Manson indoctrinated and brainwashed her, she was only with him for five months and two of those months he took off on a sabbatical to the desert.  There are women who are the victims of domestic abuse over the course of decades who still manage to not harm another soul, yet this privileged white girl savagely stabs a woman to death in her own home because Manson told her to?  And that’s another thing, Manson didn’t tell her to kill her.  According to her own testimony in the transcript, Tex handed her a knife and told her to “do something”.  :0  Wow.  All I can say is wow.  Governor Brown, keep her there, forever.

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