Brutal Stanford Rape Gets Minimum Sentence

Brutal Stanford Rape Gets Minimum Sentence

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Twelve hours south of Bellingham is the beautiful city of Palo Alto, California, a picturesque community of garden houses owned by the very rich and home of Stanford University.  In the university community you hear a lot of things, including that Stanford’s security guards let a lot of rapes slide by because of the wealthy student population.  This time, however, the brutal rape of a young unconscious girl was witnessed by two foreign students who pulled him off the young girl and held him until the real police arrived.  Kudos to them.

What gets this horrible rape airtime on this blog is the outcome.  After a grueling year of trial, the wealthy rapist, Brock Turner, was given four months probation.  Wth???  The judge said he was worried a harsher sentence would ruin Turner’s swimming career and his hopes for the Olympic team.  The judge ignored the fact that Brock Turner brutally raped an unconscious girl in every orifice or that he was caught red-handed by multiple witnesses who were so horrified by what they saw one of these men actually cried.  Over a million residents signed a petition to take the judge off the case and re-try it.  The USA Swimming Association made a statement stating quite clearly that Turner is not and will never be eligible to compete in their competitions including the Olympics.  So there you go, Judge Aaron Persky, you monster.

Sign the petition to get Aaron Perksy removed from the bench.

Upon retrial Brock Turner was sentence to nine years.  Still not enough for what he did, but at least he’ll go to prison.  His parents should be ashamed.  They used their money to get him off the first time around.  Shame on Judge Persky.  He needs to be disbarred.  Or perhaps put into prison where he can learn firsthand the effects of being raped.  😉

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