Clean Eating

Clean Eating

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Clean Eating is also one of the digital magazines available through Whatcom Library.  I’ve never read this magazine before.  At first it seemed interesting, but the ads overwhelmed me after the first 30 pages.  There was one ad in particular that irritated me, by a weight loss company selling a protein shake for $120 per month, $240 per month if you take it twice a day for weight loss.  🙁  That’s ridiculous.  Eat healthy, eat local.  You’ll lose weight.

Here were my favorites:


  • Making your own mouthwash recipe.
  • White turkey chili recipe
  • Asian-style meatloaf recipe
  • Two weeks of weight loss menus
  • Chocolate peanut butter freezer pie (mud pie) recipe
  • Chocolate cherry oatmeal cookies recipe
  • Grilled corn and black bean salad recipe
  • Baked goat cheese salad recipe
  • Middle Eastern cobb salad recipe
  • Mason jar salads (make it and take it)
  • Asian soba salad recipe
  • Mason jar pasta salad recipe
  • Soba noodle salad
  • Pistachio, pesto, and pasta salad recipe
  • Asian stir fry noodle salad in mason jar recipe
  • Rose and ylang ylang bath salts recipe
  • Chicken and edamame stir fry slaw recipe
  • Lemon chickpea soup recipe
  • Mexican chicken stuffed peppers recipe
  • Sweet cherry almond flaxseed smoothie recipe
  • Banana bread recipe
  • Facial toner recipe
  • Pineberry article
  • Cold brew coffee article
  • Beef bourguignon dog biscuit recipe
  • Glass cleaner recipe
  • 7 natural sources for losing weight article
  • Strawberry pistachio frozen yogurt recipe

There you go.  The natural product recipes for toiletries and home cleaners are not in every magazine issue.  🙁  Too bad.

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