Free Magazines at the Library

Free Magazines at the Library

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Ha!  Gotcha with that title, didn’t I?  Yes, magazines are free at the library, not just in the library, but digitally.

If you live in Whatcom Valley, you have access to the many libraries in the area around Bellingham, part of the Whatcom Library System.  That means if you have a library card, you also have access to free online magazines and they are beautiful, much prettier than their paper counterparts.

Over the next week or so, I’ll be spotlighting the many digital magazines that the library system offers.  Some are gems.  Some are duds.

If you don’t have a library card, you can go to one of the local libraries and get one.  With your library card you can create an online user ID and password to access the digital magazine collection in the Bellingham Library System.

  1. Get your library card.
  2. Go to this URL to complete registration:
  3. Each time you click on a magazine it checks out the digital issue to you.  When you close the window, it checks it back in.

One of my favorite magazines is American Girl, perfect for girls ages 4-14.  Some of their game activities and crafts can even be used for boys.

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