Typhoon Songda Coming to Bellingham

Typhoon Songda Coming to Bellingham

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No, it’s not a joke.  The remnants of a typhoon off the west coast of the US is headed directly for us.  Friday was the first bit of the storm, milder than the one projected for this afternoon.  There are severe storm warnings and flood warnings.  Already some of the Nooksack River has flooded.

Check here to see if your home is in a flood plain.

Tips for managing power outages:

  1. Keep your phone and laptop plugged in and charging when not in use.
  2. Keep 3 gallons of water per person on hand.  Water can be used to flush a toilet, take a sponge bath, or drink.
  3. Keep canned food and a can opener on hand for prolonged outages.
  4. Keep flashlights and extra batteries on hand, preferably one in every room.
  5. Keep candles and lighters on hand.

Tips for managing high winds:

  1. Bring anything loose inside like outdoor shovels, hoes, and garden tools.  In high winds these can be propelled through your windows.
  2. Close all blinds and drapes.  If your windows do break, these will provide extra protection against further intrusion into your home.  They will also help keep rain out.
  3. Park vehicles away from trees, inside the garage if possible.
  4. If you have glass patio doors, put two sets of drapes in front of them.
  5. Listen to a local news station either on a battery-operated radio or your phone.

Places that ordinarily never see tornadoes are seeing tornadoes, especially near the coast.  If you think you see a tornado, take cover.  Don’t assume you’re imagining things.  It actually might be a tornado.  Take shelter in a basement, hallway, or interior part of your home.  If possible, get under a table.  Stay way from glass.  If a tornado passes over you, it will sound like a freight train going by.  Once it stops, wait 10 minutes before moving.  Sometimes the eye of the tornado will pass over you and the second half of the tornado will follow.

Here’s the report from the Weather Channel:


Here’s the report from Accuweather:

Typhoon Songda Coming to Bellingham | Bellingham Blog

Here’s the view of the flood plains of Whatcom County, Washington:

Typhoon Songda Coming to Bellingham | Bellingham Blog


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