Vice Presidential Debate

Vice Presidential Debate

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Last night was the first (and possibly only) Vice Presidential Debate.  It was moderated by a CBS news anchor who failed to fact check Pence’s repeated lies and who was hammered away at across the internet.

Who won?  Without a doubt, Tim Kaine won the debate.  He stuck to the facts, highlighted Hilary Clinton’s best work in politics, and highlighted Mike Pence and Donald Trump’s repeated failures, as well as their racist and sexist remarks throughout the campaign.  Meanwhile, Mike Pence lied, ignored the question asked, digressed into unasked topics, interrupted, went overtime, and shook his head a lot when he didn’t understand the question.  Supposedly Pence is college-educated.  Whoever gave him that degree should ask for it back.

Introductory Remarks

In the introductory remarks, Kaine highlighted all Hilary Clinton’s extensive experience in politics.  Pence highlighted himself and emphasized that he was the son of immigrants to this country, a bizarre stance to take considering Pence and Trump’s numerous racist remarks toward immigrants.  I can’t even keep up with the numerous racial slurs.  Pence’s parents must be cringing.

Although the CBS News moderator was clear with the rules, Pence was the candidate given first shot at answering each time and he never stuck to the topic, so the majority of the debate was off-topic with Pence talking about something unrelated and Kaine responding to the attack.  For that reason, I summarized the debate with bullet points.  I can’t think of any other succinct way to summarize what transpired except to say it was one long rant by Pence with a few facts supplied by Kaine.  The moderator sucked and should be fired.  She didn’t block Pence at all and let him rant on and on without pointing out the blatant lies he was telling.  In the post-debate assessment by news anchors, several of Pence’s lies were spelled out in banners that flashed across the bottom half of the screen.  Someone obviously was doing their job, it just wasn’t the moderator.  😉

Tim Kaine and Hilary Clinton

  • Will start programs for debt-free college education and equal pay for women.
  • Will raise the minimum wage.
  • Will give public assistance to small businesses.
  • Will insure that Social Security is able to provide for all retirees well into the future.
  • Will use community policing to reduce crime across the nation.  Kaine used this method to cut homicides in Virginia in half.
  • Will close gaps in background checking for guns so emotionally unstable people will not be able to buy them.
  • During Clinton’s time as Secretary of State, we have reduced our troops in terrorist countries from 175,000 to 15,000.  In terrorist countries where the government clearly supports the terrorists we will not keep a large military presence because the cost in human lives (our soldiers) is too high.
  • Will reform immigration back to the policy used by Ronald Reagan which emphasized keeping families together.

Mike Pence and Donald Trump

  • Strongly opposed Obamacare and will immediately repeal all Obamacare programs
  • Will immediately defund all Planned Parenthood clinics
  • Vehemently opposed to any publicly funded healthcare, AIDS testing, or pregnancy testing
  • Trump has not paid any taxes in the past 18 years and has refused to provide his income tax filings which is required of all presidential candidates
  • Trump declared a business loss of billions of dollars on his taxes which he claimed was a smart use of income tax laws.  According to Pence, Trump used tax laws similar to those used by Enron to evade paying taxes.
  • Pence cut millions of dollars in public funding in his state of Indiana which closed most of the public services but provided his budget with a surplus.  He bragged about this throughout the debate and said he and Trump would do the same for the country, which means they’d close down Social Security, Medicare, and every other social program that provides services to the public.
  • Will immediately appeal all Obama executive orders.
  • Will build a wall between the United States and Mexico as well as between the United States and Canada.  Furthermore they will provide air and military support to man our borders.  Pence claims that Mexicans drive down wages and Trump’s goal is to remove all of them.
  • Will encourage more trade with foreign countries to boost our economy.  (Any economist will tell you that this has the opposite effect to our economy.  We already have a huge trade deficit with China from importing more Chinese goods than we export.  More foreign trade means more of our money leaving the country and not necessarily coming back.)  Kaine responded by reminding Pence that Trump owes $600 million to the Bank of China.
  • Will get rid of minimum wage.
  • Will give trillions of dollars in tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans (top 1%).  If you aren’t a billionnaire, this does NOT mean you.  If you are not a billionnaire, you’ll be paying more taxes.
  • Will eliminate Social Security.  Trump wrote a book telling in detail how he would eliminate Social Security and make the wealthiest Americans (billionnaires) richer.
  • Will raise taxes on the middle and lower classes (working class Americans).
  • More racial profiling and pullovers.  Pence was very clear that he and Trump believe that cops should never be questioned on shootings and whether they were racially motivated.  He said there is no racial problem in the US.  When asked specifically about the African American North Carolina student who was shot in the back by cops while walking home from school, Pence said the cop should never have been questioned about why he shot him.  :0  When Kaine stated that white people consistently serve lesser sentences for the same crimes, Pence laughed.
  • Called Mexicans “rapists and criminals”.
  • Called women “slobs”, “pigs”, “dogs”, and “disgusting”.
  • Called John McCain “not a hero” because he was caught by the enemy and served several years as a POW.
  • Will eliminate birthright citizenship which means if you’re born in the US, you are not immediately made a citizen. :0
  • Trump has stated that he will dump NATO and ally the United States with dictators like Vladimir Putin.  (Putin invaded the Ukraine and has aligned himself with several terrorist organizations.)  He has also stated that he will give nuclear weapons to all countries in the hopes the world will become safer.  That includes Russia, Korea, Japan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.  Pence stated during the debate that they would build up the military and have air strikes against Russia, the Czech Republic, and Poland to keep them in line.  :0  Kaine questioned this comment because Trump has stated publicly that he is a close personal friend (and business partner) with Vladimir Putin who he has called one of the best leaders in the world.
  • Will eliminate the right to choose and reverse Roe v Wade.  Will make it a crime to abort a child and the women who do so will be prosecuted.

Background on Mike Pence as Indiana’s Governor

In 2011, Pence began defunding all Planned Parenthoods in his home state of Indiana.  In 2013, Pence succeeded in closing all the Planned Parenthood clinics in the poorest counties in the state of Indiana which left no place for those counties to get HIV tests.  By 2015 the rapid rise in HIV and AIDS cases in those counties got national attention, forcing Governor Pence to do something.  It took him another six months to provide any funding back to those programs.  The skyrocketing number of residents with HIV grew by 20 people per day and led to a rapid rise in Hepatitis C cases.  :0

Since Pence took over as Indiana’s governor, the economy has taken a steady nosedive while Pence himself has become substantially richer.  :0


Well, there you have it.  As a well-educated person, I’m actually shocked anyone would consider voting for Trump.  Republicans have been coming out of the walls to endorse Hilary Clinton because Trump even scares them.  He would be run the country into the ground for his personal ventures.  Yet if you drive through Lynden, you’ll notice Trump signs everywhere.  Take note.  Those are Nazis living in those houses.  That is the one and only reason they are voting for Trump. :0


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