Vintage Avon

Vintage Avon

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I had to buy something on eBay today and look what I stumbled upon…vintage Avon!

Baseball Grooming Set for Boys

This adorable bathroom grooming set for boys was released in the 1990s in an effort to get little boys to enjoy washing up like their dads.  There’s even a little after shave.  Lololol…  I remember my brother having one when he was seven along with a pretend shaver that was plastic and blue.  He would stand by the mirror, lather up some soap, put it on his face, and “shave” with the plastic shaver.  Couldn’t find a picture of the shaver and I remember the baseball bat being brown, but maybe my memory is faulty because I was only three years old.

China Fantasy Jewelry

I’ve actually seen these and they are adorable.  Made of plastic they actually look like they’re made of ivory, jade, and cinnabar and the carving looks like real carving.

Coin Decanters

Did your father ever have any of these?  Indian Head Penny decanters and Buffalo Nickel decanters.  There was an entire line of these guys for your guy.  How cute.

Color Go Round Rings

OMG, I remember these!  You slide the plastic ring into the gold holder and wear them like that.  Or wear the plastic ones alone.  Very cute.  Now why don’t they still make these???

Vintage Avon Color Go Round Rings | Bellingham Blog

Lip Gloss Compacts for Girls

This is what I love, finding very cool things that used to be so common.  Just ring up your Avon lady and she brings them to  your door.  They used to have all kinds of cute compacts full of shiny lip gloss for little girls.  I remember the Oreo cookie and the hamburger.  How adorable.  I want.

Miss Lollipop Bath Set for Girls

This is truly adorable, a bubble bath bottle in a fountain drink.  And the flavors match.  Can’t find photos of the rest of the set, but I seem to recall a hairbrush and shampoo.

Miss Lollipop Bath Set for Girls | Bellingham Blog

Perfume Sachet Jewelry Tree

I still remember those old cream sachet perfume jars from Avon.  My grandmother and mother used to use them all the time.  I remember them dotting their cleavage with these and thinking it was so sexual.  Lololol.  The little jewelry tree at the top of these is adorable.

Vintage Avon Cream Sachet Jewelry Tree | Bellingham Blog

School Days Hair Set for Girls

I actually had these barrettes when I was about three, but I don’t remember the comb at all. Probably because I hated combing my hair.  Can’t remember what else was in this line, but they are adorable.  Wouldn’t it be fun if they released these again?

Snoopy Bath Set for Boys

Another super cute set to get boys into grooming.  Because when they grow into men, they’ll need some serious manscaping.  🙂

Vehicle Mens Cologne Decanters

I remember playing with these on my grandpa’s dresser.  They were cute then and they’re still cute now.

If you’re looking for cool vintage Avon finds, just go to eBay and search “vintage Avon”. 🙂

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